As I discuss in my online CLE on free legal research, Justia now provides summaries of cases from all federal circuit courts and most state supreme courts. These summaries—which are delivered to your inbox—briefly describe the facts and holdings of each opinion and are tagged by practice areas. The summaries also link to the full text of the opinion. Here is a sample summary from a Sixth Circuit case:

Justia - Sixth Circuit Case Summary


I have been impressed with the currency of the emails. For example, I subscribe to opinions from the Sixth Circuit and the Alabama and Ohio Supreme Courts, and I receive summaries of those opinions in my inbox within one or two days of their date of issuance. In fact, I have received summaries of new cases before they had been added to Casemaker and other free online services. The frequency of the emails depends on each court’s docket.

You can also receive in your inbox weekly digests that arrange new cases by practice areas. Justia organizes cases by over 60 areas, such as contracts, criminal law, family law, and employment matters. These digests organize new opinions from all federal circuit courts and most state supreme courts. Below is an excerpt from a digest email on criminal law.

It is quite easy to benefit from this free service. You simply need to take a break from lawyering for one minute and subscribe to Justia’s emails. You will soon start receiving case summaries via email for the jurisdictions that you have selected.


Justia - Weekly Digest Sample

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