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I am tired of feeling like I need to be quite. That my words will be hushed into a silence while being reassured by others that I was going through a phase. Let me assure YOU! This is not a phase! THIS IS MY LIFE. I have transformed my life into something truly beautiful out of the ashes of my former self. I am 20 years old but I have felt the wolf of greediness inside me! I have had success taking others money and I’ve been willing to sacrifice everything for more money. I ditched old relationships with friends with new ones who loved me for my money, I’ve ignored family, and I’ve neglected my own health because I wanted money more than I wanted to eat!

After seeing my true potential in this world, I will not allow it to be ruined by some false American dream that will never come to fruition. Now I choose to be greedy for the right reasons. Not for myself but for our generations ability to change the world. I am hungry to find more ways to bring real value to the world and to paint my own image of reality into existence. Tell me how I can dedicate my life to changing the world and it will be done. Tell me where to go so that I can enlighten and inspire those around me to make a difference. Tell me that moment is right now because I am completely sober and I can feel the universe around me and it’s telling me to be ready.

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What a beautiful awakening. How amazing is it that we get to experience the beauty of the universe through sunrise and sunset, everyday! Take advantage of this beautiful day and make this day memorable! You only get so many trips around the sun

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It's very clear the path that most people take in America.
1. Go to college have fun (it's going to be the peak of excitement in your existence) and get good grades.
2. Get a high paying job and then take your bosses job.
3. find a wife.
4. buy a red sports car when it all seems to be falling apart.
5. Have kids and start all over again.
Or ... Choose to go on your own path. Find out what makes you truly happy. Surround yourself by people who love and encourage you. Test and enjoy the limits of life. Help others and bring value to the world. Fight for what you believe in. Live and be remembered forever. Take the road less traveled.

Life is a Trip

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life is a trip

Life is a Trip. The fact that we can comprehend our own existence in the universe is profound. We have flesh bodies to use as vehicles allowing us to navigate this physical reality. With the Internet, We can create something and by posting it, we am immortalizing our existence forever. People who have never met you and likely won't ever meet you can be influenced by your positive messages to the world. Then with the positive change we have brought to the lives of others, they pass on the message creating a domino effect of positive change to the entire world. Be the cause of that positive change. Make the world a better place because you were here!

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This is us right now. It has been happening every day of our existence, but we are too caught up in the minutiae of the human experience to think about what’s going on in the bigger picture. “I’m late for work”, “What if she doesn’t like me?”, “Have you googled Kim Kardashian yet”?
But it’s fascinating to look at pictures of Earth from space and think “Wow, it’s crazy that we think we have borders and laws for different countries. We even find reason to fight each other for economic dominance or religious prophecy. But, when you look at that picture of Earth, it makes you realize that we are all on this giant rock together. We’re all on this rock that’s spinning 1,000 mph around a nuclear explosion that’s hurling through space faster and faster every day.
Nobody here knows how we got here or even why we are here. (What our purpose is) It’s as if we were born during the climax of human civilization but in fact that is what every human being has thought since Adam and Eve. This story has been going on for billions of years and it will continue on long after my chapter in the book is completed.
With that being said, read this article and be thankful for the present moment. Be thankful that you have been given the ability to comprehend your own existence. Realize that you are able to love and be loved in a world that sometimes seems as if we have an abundance of everything but happiness. Take just
a fewminutes and think about everything you are thankful for. After all, we were given conscious minds so that we can learn from our past mistakes and reminisce in our most joyous memories.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.58.45 PMOur lives could easily be compared to the life of a Cherry blossom. Throughout the year, many different flowers bloom. For months at a time we get to enjoy the beauty of the earth as she comes alive during spring. However, Cherry blossoms only bloom for 2 weeks out of the year. How poetic is it that one of the most beautiful expressions of nature has such a short life. It is as if the soul purpose for their existence is to bring the world to its knees in shock and awe. Compared to the age of the universe, our lives are lived in fractions of a second. Cherry blossoms remind us that no matter how insignificant we may sometimes feel, our existence can still be beautiful and happiness can be brought to the world because we were here.



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