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The World Will Know Peace

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I am tired of feeling like I need to be quite. That my words will be hushed into a silence while being reassured by others that I was going through a phase. Let me assure YOU! This is not a phase! THIS IS MY LIFE. I have transformed my life into something truly beautiful out of the ashes of my former self. I am 20 years old but I have felt the wolf of greediness inside me! I have had success taking others money and I’ve been willing to sacrifice everything for more money. I ditched old relationships with friends with new ones who loved me for my money, I’ve ignored family, and I’ve neglected my own health because I wanted money more than I wanted to eat!

After seeing my true potential in this world, I will not allow it to be ruined by some false American dream that will never come to fruition. Now I choose to be greedy for the right reasons. Not for myself but for our generations ability to change the world. I am hungry to find more ways to bring real value to the world and to paint my own image of reality into existence. Tell me how I can dedicate my life to changing the world and it will be done. Tell me where to go so that I can enlighten and inspire those around me to make a difference. Tell me that moment is right now because I am completely sober and I can feel the universe around me and it’s telling me to be ready.


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